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Santa's Toy Shoppe, Inc. was created Christmas of 2001, working in partnership with Canadian County Salvation Army. Its purpose is to provide toys at Christmas to those children in Eastern Canadian County (Piedmont, Yukon and Mustang), who are in need. The first year, Santa's Toy Shoppe provided toys for about 90 families in Eastern Canadian County. This number has grown to over 250 in 2004 to over 300 families to include nearly 900 children. Over the years, toys have been donated through schools, police and fire departments, banks and retail stores in Canadian County. These locations have been a tremendous help as well as the local newspapers and television stations. However, due to an increased need we are anticipating for the 2020 Christmas season, Santa's Toy Shoppe is looking for additional sources for toys, stocking stuffers and monetary donations. Our Board is made of volunteers from the community.

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